During the day, make a note of every task you need to complete. You may find that you have some written notes and some on your phone or laptop. At the end of each day, transfer all tasks to the “Saturday” column of your calendar to create your full “To-Do” list.

At the start of your week, enter your appointments and highlight in red. Jimmy likes to block off Friday afternoons, and use that time to catch up on anything he didn’t get done, or to organize for the next week.

After you enter appointments, review your task list, and prioritize. Choose 2 or 3 that have top priority or deadlines, and assign them to Monday by noting them at the bottom of the day column. Highlight these in yellow.

Then look for time throughout the day to complete these tasks. Check them off as you complete each one.

Each day add new tasks to the Saturday column, prioritize, and assign to a day.

You can also add personal tasks or events, or anything else you need to organize. Jimmy also keeps a reading reference list in green.