make it happen

Jimmy Outlaw shares his experience and expertise with this weekly video series called, “Make It Happen.”

Make it Happen! — Introduction

Welcome to “Make it Happen,” our short, but fun, weekly video series.

Make it Happen! — Who is Jimmy Outlaw?

Get to know Jimmy as he tell you a little about himself.

Make it Happen! — Passion and Purpose

If you’re a passionate person, it’s contagious.

Make it Happen! — Leverage in Negotiations

Jimmy shares three critical ways to retain your leverage with vendors when negotiating contracts.

Make it Happen! — Conventions

Use the same mindset as your customer to get the most out of conventions and conferences.

Make it Happen! — Grits

Jimmy Outlaw shares his South Carolina deluxe grits recipe. Great for big family gatherings & holidays. Get the full recipe > Outlaw Grits

Make it Happen! — Who We Are

Who we are, and how we take the hassle out of check contract negotiations.

Make it Happen! — Prospecting

A hundred times more valuable than a cold call.

Make it Happen! — It's Ok not to be Ok

Get out of your comfort zone!

Make it Happen! — Networking

The single most important thing you can do for your business.

Make it Happen! — Do the Right Thing

If you find an error, make it right. Here’s why.

Make it Happen! — Travel Tip

One tip that can make your business travel easier.

Make it Happen! — Closing

Jimmy talks about closing and flushing out the unknown with one very useful question.

Make it Happen! — Organization

Jimmy shows you his personal method for organizing appointments, tasks and projects. Read more here > Organization

Make it Happen! — How It Works

Jimmy gives a simple analogy to explain how J. Outlaw Consulting works.

Make it Happen! — Both Ends of the Spectrum

Looking for non-interest income without service fees? Need to save money on expenses? J. Outlaw can help!

Make it Happen! — A Riddle

What do you get when you cross a…

Make it Happen! — No Fees, No Up-Front Costs

How is J. Outlaw Consulting compensated? It’s a straightforward split, and paid from the amount we save for you.

Make it Happen! — Every Single Day Matters

A quote from Jimmy’s daughter reminds us: What you do today matters, in your work and in your life, so make it happen.

Make it Happen! — Making Sacrifices

Why Jimmy’s favorite movie, Cinderella Man, moves him.

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